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CambuCoin is currently selling at U$0.75 per token!
This rate is limited to the first 500.000 token.

CambuCoin token allow for open and unrestricted secondary trading. Investors may participate in decision making within community, sustainability or eco projects but also have full flexibility on their CambuCoin portfolio.

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Plastic & Waste Removal

With your help, we will work with the local communities and partners to remove hundreds of pounds of plastic and trash from beaches all around Panama. We’ll also send professional crews to clean up some of the most iconic, vulnerable rivers and waterways.

Reforestation Project

We are aiming to plant 1000 trees in the Las Tablas and Cambutal region of Panama. Replanting will ensure that local residentsand visitors will continue to enjoy all the benefits of the forest, including clean air and water. 

Sustainable Farming

We coordinate groups of small and marginal farmers, and landless poor in a region of Panama who work together to utilize the cultivable waste lands or under-utilized lands to earn their livelihoods. All this in a sustainable and cost effective way.


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