When you cut a tree and sell the timber, you will earn money. When you plant a tree, you are creating future value, but you won’t get any payment.

Our ecology and economy are completely out of balance, but with CAMBUCOIN we have already begun designing and implementing a digital token to both value and incentivize ecological action.

Our next step is to create a global network to spread the word about CambuCoin and back it with sustainable assets starting with Cambu Eco Resort and a reforestation project in Panama.

Join us and help us create a sustainable future!

incentivized INVESTMENT

There are many ways in which we can incentivize behavior, probably the most powerful and most convenient is money. Our fiat currencies, such as euros and dollars, but also cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

We want to incentivize millions of people around the world every day, and therefore it seems then only logical that we should design a new currency to both value and reward ecological action.

We call it CambuCoin!