A Beginners guide to Cambucoin

Digital token offerings – like CambuCoin – are typically managed over the internet, allowing people to purchase digital tokens using a fiat currency (such as US dollars) or another cryptoasset like bitcoin or ether.

CambuCoin tokens are issued on the Ethereum blockchain, and the handling of these tokens is pretty straight forward. We recommend to download TRUST wallet on your mobile phone and setup a simple ethereum wallet. This process should take less than 5 minutes.

Should you require any assistance with the setup of your wallet, we are happy to help at any time.

Once you have you ethereum wallet setup, we can transfer CambuCoin straight to your mobile phone. Alternatively we can issue a “offline” paper wallet, which is essentially a wallet on paper – which securely stores your CambuCoin investment.

CambuCoin token allow for open and unrestricted secondary trading. Investors may participate in decision making within community, sustainability or eco projects but also have full flexibility on their CambuCoin portfolio.

More questions? Simply email our support team on team@cambucoin.com